Covenant Central Academy

Covenant Central Academy is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a registered and accredited international high school by the Department of Education (BSID:668636). The school is located in the North York area of Toronto, with a beautiful geographical environment and convenient transportation. The school has an excellent team of Ontario registered teachers with a strong faculty and one of the shareholders is a scholarship provider of the Rodman School of Business. The school adopts a modern teaching model and implements a small classroom curriculum with an optimal teacher-student ratio of 1:15. The school strictly implements the philosophy of "student education is the main focus" and has a comprehensive after-school tutoring system. We communicate with parents on a regular basis to help them understand their children's learning and living conditions in foreign countries. We also provide regular assessments, tailor-made study plans, language training and after-school tutoring for international students.

Why choose Covenant Central Academy?
  • Qualified teachers and tutoring team (All teachers are Ontario registered teachers and academic tutors with extensive teaching experience. We regularly assess each student's learning situation and provide customized learning plans and milestones for students.
  • Small class teaching mode(Under the modern teaching mode and an optimized teacher-student ratio of 1:15, CCA has strictly upheld the principle of giving top priority to students’ education and established a complete after-school tutoring system.)
  • Comprehensive facilities (CCA provides students with comprehensive facilities such as library, gymnasium, swimming pool, cafeteria, and other facilities related to learning and living, which promote the overall development of students' moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development in addition to the intense study)
  • Rich curriculum (in addition to English and mathematics, science and chemistry, the school also offers elective courses that focus on developing students' abilities and interests, such as art, fashion, photography, economics, international trade, and business leadership. Economics, International Trade, Business Leadership
  • Nutrition, Family Location (The school is located in the heart of North York, Toronto, Canada. The location and accessibility of the school make North York a popular area for new immigrants and many international students to live and study because of the diversity of the surrounding culture.)
  • High acceptance rate to world class universities (90% of students graduating to world class universities each year)
  • Flexible semester system(Every year, there are four terms and a summer term at CCA, and students can get enrolled in any term, thus saving much waiting time for enrollment.)
  • 24/7 parent communication system (with a network of efficient online communication channels 24 hours a day to regularly communicate with students about their academic progress, daily life. (Exchange of needs and suggestions for students' personal growth)
Our Service
  • IELTS Training Courses
    so a good language score serves as a significant steppingstone for entering universities.
    CCA provides IELTS training courses twice every week throughout the year.
  • After-school Tutoring Classes
    After-school tutoring classes facilitate students to better understand the course contents and enhance their learning efficiency. CCA breaks the sheep herding style teaching in North America and adopts this innovative teaching mode in combination with international students’ characteristics, which enables students to blend into an unfamiliar environment, and command new languages and fresh knowledge more quickly.
    CCA provides after-school tutorial classes twice every week throughout the year.
  • College Application
    Provide students with professional college application planning, progress tracking and course selection counseling
    Provide professional college application suggestions based on students' academic performance, and assist graduates to enter their ideal universities.
  • Summer Internships
    Relying on its extensive collaboration with many Canadian enterprises, CCA offers internship opportunities for senior three students.
    To help students adapt to their post-graduation career, CCA provides off-campus internship chances, through which, students can try workplace interviews, embrace challenges and accumulate precious job experience during holidays.
  • French Interest Classes
    It has become an indispensable skill to acquire multi-languages in the current society. Besides English, French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so mastering French indicates a more promising career prospect in both Canada and the international market. Considering Canada is a bilingual country of English and French, grasping two languages will give students an edge in immigrant application.
  • Growth Plan
    The school employs a doctoral student in psychology from the University of Toronto to provide students with a professional personal growth analysis and to develop and plan their studies and lives accordingly.